Dover Fire Department

In Memory of

Evans Neal
T. W. Nelson
R. E. Norris
Robert Oliver
Paul A. Peterson
Louis J. Pisapia
Woodrow W Postle Sr
W. E. Postles
J. B. Price
Daniel Queen Jr
Phillip H. Rash
Victor Rash
John Raughley
E. A. Roaf
John M Roe
Edwin L Sapp
E. J. Scanlon Sr
E.J. Scanlon Jr
George Scarborough
J. Schreppler
Nathaniel Scott
Walter Scott
Roy Scrutchfield
John Short
John J. Shubrooks
W. H. Simmons Jr.
Earl D. Smith Sr.
William R. Staats Sr.
W. L. Stewart Jr.
Walter Stewart
C. B. Sypherd
Milford D. Taylor
James Thomas
Lester H. Thompson
Michael Thompson
James A. Wall
Harry D Walls
John L Walls
G. A. Weller
Bertram Weyant
J. F. Wilson
Joseph Wingle
Philip Young
If you know of a former member of the Dover Fire Department that we have missed, please contact the webmaster with the individuals information and we will be happy to add them.

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