Animal Rescue

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

This afternoon at 1332hrs Dover Fire Communications received a call for a Cat stuck under a car in the 200 block of Lady Bug Dr. in the Clearview Meadows section of the City. Headquarters was staffed and the Duty Officer and Squad 1 responded with 6. The Duty Officer arrived and made contact with the Reporting Person(RP) who stated the Cat was a stray and she stopped to check on it. The Cat climbed up into the rear of the Jeep Cherokee lodging itself between the rear spring and frame. The crew of Squad 1 secured the vehicle and chocked the wheels. The crew devised a plan to access the Cat. The crew used a floor jack to raise the vehicle and used box cribbing to stabilize and support the vehicle as crew members were working underneath. They removed the drivers rear tire to gain access to the Cat. The crew was able to free the Cat with a little maneuvering and coaching. The Cat was united with the RP who plans to take it to a local Vet for a check up. The scene was placed under control at 1412hrs and units went available.