MVC with Entrapment - Forrest Ave & Mifflin Rd

Thursday, July 2, 2015

At 1356, the Dover Fire Department was alerted for a motor vehicle collision (MVC) with subjects trapped at Forrest Ave and Mifflin Rd. Deputy Chief Carey was first on scene in the Command Car to find a three-vehicle MVC with one subject trapped. Deputy Carey held the response to a single engine. E4 arrived and was assigned to stabilize the vehicle and perform a door pop. The door was uneventfully removed and the subject was removed. The subject was transported to the local Trauma Center. Another subject involved in the collision was also transported. All vehicles were secured and the scene was turned over to Dover PD for further investigation. Units on Scene: Command Car: Deputy Chief Carey Dover Engines: E4 KCDPS Paramedics: KM-5 and KM-7 BLS Unit: A63 and B63 Dover Police Dept.