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Fire Prevention

The Dover Fire Department is always happy to assist the community with Fire Prevention programs for schools, churches or civic organizations.

In October, during Fire Prevention Week, the Department goes to local schools throughout the City of Dover to educate the children on various issues. The members put on a demonstration with a firefighter, dressed as they would be on a fire scene, to show the children how important it is to not be afraid of a firefighter. The children are able to see what the firefighter would look like and how they would sound in the event of an actual emergency. This program teaches children to keep low to the floor and not to panic if a fire would break out in a residence or a structure. The children are taught how important it is to have a meeting place outside their residence for their family if a fire would break out, as well as safety with lighters and matches. Upon completion of the discussions and demonstrations, the children are taken for a tour of one of fire apparatus.

For more information on how to schedule an engine visit or a station tour any time of the year, please see the Contact Us page and fill out the form selecting Fire Prevention in the drop down box.

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