Rollover MVC

Thursday, July 14, 2016

On January 30, 2016 at 0652 hrs., the Dover Fire Department was alerted to SR1, just south of Dover AFB, for rollover motor vehicle collision with a reported subject trapped. KCDPS Paramedics were first on scene and confirmed entrapment. E2, under the direction of Asst. Chief David Carey, was the first fire apparatus on scene. Crews immediately began to stabilize the vehicle that was resting on its driver’s side. After the vehicle was secured, crews began the extraction process. The roof was displaced and the subject was removed to a long spine board. The subject was transferred to the waiting ambulance where they were transported to the local trauma center for evaluation. The scene was placed under control and turned over to the State Police for investigation.


Units on Scene


Dover Engines: E2, E3, E4


Dover Heavy Rescue: R1


City of Dover BLS: B63


Camden-Wyoming VFC: B41


KCDPS Paramedics: KM5 and KM7


State Police