MVC Rollover

Thursday, July 14, 2016

On February 7, 2016, the Dover Fire Department was alerted for a rollover motor vehicle collision in the vicinity of E. Division St. and Bayard Ave. E4, under the direction of Capt. Dave Knight, was first on scene to a vehicle, well into the electric substation area, resting on its roof. Crews cautiously entered the area and determined no electrical hazards existed. The subject in the vehicle was entrapped. The crew began to stabilize the vehicle as R1 and E2 arrived on scene. Their crews completed the stabilization and crews began to gain access to the subject. Both drivers’ side doors were removed and ram was utilized to free the subject’s legs from around the pedals. The subject was removed to a spine board and transported to the local trauma center for evaluation. The scene was placed under control and turned over to Dover PD for investigation.


Units on Scene.


Car 1: Chief C. Carey


Dover Engines: E2 and E4


Dover Heavy Rescue: R1


Leipsic VFC BLS Unit: A53


KCDPS Paramedics: KM5 and KM7


City of Dover Police


City of Dover Electric