Sprinkler Demonstration

Sunday, April 22, 2018

A message from the Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition...


On behalf of the Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition and the Sprinkler Committee of the Delaware Vol. Firefighters Assoc. we are very pleased to announce a special educational event that will take place. We are very pleased to welcome sponsors The Capital Region Fire Sprinkler Association On May 19th at 10:00 am, on the grounds of the Delaware State Fire School, 1461 Chestnut Grove Road, Dover, DE, we will be conducting a Side by Side Demonstration, explaining the benefits of Fire Sprinklers. In 2016, there were 475,000 structure fires reported in the United States resulting in 2,950 deaths and 12,775 civilian injuries. Residential fires are more dangerous than ever with statistics showing the time to escape a fire on one’s home may be as little as three minutes. We have organized this Side by Side demonstration to illustrate the effectiveness of sprinklers, also to dispel the myths brought about by inaccurate information that is circulated. Please come and become a partner with us attempting to save lives.