2019 Administrative and Line Officers

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Much like you should be doing today, the Department held their annual elections last night. We would like to congratulate the following Administrative and Fire Line Officers for 2019


Administrative Officers


President: Timothy Mullaney

Vice President: Allen Jones

Secretary: Deana Simmons

Treasurer: Terry Whitham

Board of Directors: Charles Boyer, James Howlett, Jason Osika, Jon Osika, Tom Trader


Fire Line Officers (pending City Council approval)


Fire Chief: Ronald Rhodes Sr.

Deputy Chief: Michael O’Connor Jr.

1st Asst Chief: Cole Enright

2nd Asst Chief: Benjamin Smetana

3rd Asst Chief: Michael Morris

4th Asst Chief: Christopher Jacobs

1st Fire Line Captain: Michael Nitsch

2nd Fire Line Captain: Wesley Liberto


We wish them all well in their endeavors next year.