Horse Rescue

Friday, April 3, 2020

This afternoon around 3:00 pm, the Dover Fire Dept was alerted for a horse stuck in the mud at a farm on Nault Rd. The Large Animal Rescue Team as well as the Kent County Special Operations Team was immediately requested. Initial units on scene found a large draft horse partially submerged in the mud. The farmer relayed the animal had been in the mud for approximately 30 minutes. An equine veterinarian was also requested. As specialized units arrived on scene, the area around the animal was shored to provide a work area. Special equipment was utilized to lift the animal and place shoring underneath. After an almost two hour ordeal, the animal was able to walk out of the pasture under its own power. Special thanks go out to all the members of the Special Ops and Large Animal Rescue Teams. They were paramount in the successful outcome of this rescue. We would also like to thank the Brenford Animal Hospital P A for their response to the scene. It was later reported by the Vet that the horse was finally warm and resting comfortably and was expected to make a full recovery.