2023 Fire Line and Administrative Officers

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Dover Fire Department is proud to announce the 2023 Fire Line and Administrative Officers. These positions were elected uncontested at the regular November Company meeting, but per the City of Dover Code the Fire Officers have to be approved by City Council which happened earlier this evening. The Fire Officers will be sworn in later next week.
Fire Chief - David Carey
Deputy Chief - Sean Christiansen
1st Assistant Chief - Sierra Brown
2nd Assistant Chief - Brian Bashista
3rd Assistant Chief - Jim Iannucci
4th Assistant Chief - Jason Boc
1st Fire Captain - Chad Knotts
2nd Fire Captain - Troy Christiansen
President - Tim Mullaney Jr.
Vice President - Brian Bashista
Treasurer- Terry Whitham
Secretary - Andrew Hatfield
Board of Directors
Joe Simmons
Ben Smetana
Carlton Carey Sr.
Sierra Brown
Amanda Carey
Apparatus & Maintenance
Brian Cullen - Chairman
David Knight
Ed Semans
Andrew Enright
Troy Christiansen