Fire Prevention Week 2023

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cooking Safety Starts with you! Check out the top 5 things YOU can do to help prevent cooking fires and related burns: 1??Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. Turning your handle inward prevents kids and pets from knocking the pan off the stove, which can lead to serious burns and fires. Also, keep cooking areas clear of pot holders and other things that can catch fire. 2??Please always keep a lid nearby when you cook, if you have a small fire on the stovetop, you can quickly slide the lid onto the pan and turn off the burner to extinguish the fire. 3??Watch what you heat and set a timer to remind you that you are cooking. 4??Set a timer to remind yourself to focus on your cooking. When cooking on the stovetop, turn off the burner if you need to step away from the kitchen. 5??Keep kids and pets three feet away (3 feet) from the stove/oven and where hot foods/liquids are.