2023 Annual Awards Banquet

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

This past weekend members of the Dover Fire Department and their guests attended the annual appreciation banquet celebrating the service that the membership provided to the Greater Dover area throughout the year. The DFD responded to 1,613 alarms and logged 21,992 Duty Crew hours with members staffing the stations. Several members were recognized for their achievements and contributions during 2023.

Fireman of the Year: Edwin Baker III Fire Chiefs Award: Jachob Osika Firefighter of the Year: Sean Christiansen

2023 Board of Directors Carleton Carey Sr. Joseph Simmons

Top Responders 1. Landon Dulin 2. Drew Kuntzi 3. Collin Chesley 4. Jon Bayes 5. Dave Knight 6. Caleb Wilcox 7. Chase Christiansen 8. Jax Osika 9. Jachob Osika 10. Brian Cullen 11. Andrew Hatfield 12. Jaquan Gardley 13. Rich Flood 14. Julian Archie 15. Andrew Enright 16. Tim Marker 17. Carson Weiers 18. Kevin Fountain 19. Chris Riale 20. William Kelly III

We would like to thank the Crumpton Fire Company, Little Creek Fire Company, Felton Fire Company and Harrington Fire Company for covering our district during the weekend, so that our members could enjoy their time away.

Thank you to the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach for the hospitality and DJ Waite A Minute for the entertainment!!