Fulton Street Fire - Fulton Street

Thursday, July 2, 2015

On 08/30/09 at 2311 hrs, the Dover Fire Department was dispatched for a working house fire. Car 1, with Chief of the Department Christiansen, went on location and found a 1.5 story single family dwelling fully involved. E2 was assigned to take the hydrant in front of the house. E2 placed a 2.5" line in service through the front door. Crews began an aggressive attack. E3 arrived and advanced 1.75" to the front. L2 arrived and performed horizontal ventilation, opening up all boarded up windows. E54-5 arrived and was assigned the RIT on the A/B corner. Crews were faced with deteriorating conditions inside with floor and roof collapse. An evacuation tone was sounded and crews cleared the structure. An exterior attack resumed with multiple hand lines and master streams in service. L2 was utilized to cut an inspection hole on the B quadrant and the monitor was used to penetrate the shingles. Units remained on scene well over an hour performing extensive over haul. The scene was placed under control and turned over to the FMO. Units on scene: DFD Car 1, E2, E3, E6, L2, E54-5 (RIT), BLS A63, ALS KM5 and KM7, City of Dover Fire Marshal and Dover Police Cover up units: E54-2 and E41-6