Dr Rowe Fire - S. Governors Ave

Thursday, July 2, 2015

On 06/01/08 at 1433 hrs, the Dover Fire Department was dispatched for a working structure fire. Car 2 with Deputy Chief Christiansen went on location and found a 1.5 story medical office building with heavy smoke billowing from the eves and soffits around the buildings. E6 was reassigned from its position at the Dover International Speedway (NASCAR race weekend) to the fire scene. E4 was first in and laid a 5" supply line from a hydrant. Crews advance a 1.75" to the building. E3 arrived and laddered the building to advance a line into a dormer window. E4 Officer advised there was no fire in the office area but they were encountering a heavy smoke condition. E54-5 arrived and established the RIT. E3’s crew was able to make entry into the dormer window and was met with a heavy fire condition and was forced to back out. L2 arrived and set up the platform to vent the roof. Shortly after crews made access to the roof, it began to fail. An immediate evacuation of the roof and the building on the west side was ordered and a second alarm was sounded. E7 laid a 5" supply line into L2 for master stream operations. A 2.5" line was placed in service and crews started working in the center office pulling ceilings to stop the fire. The fire was advancing to the center to the building. Crews attempted a trench cut in the center of the building but were ordered off the roof due to deteriorating conditions. Q45 began master stream operations. Crews remained on scene for several hours completing overhaul. The New Castle and Kent County Special Operation Teams were called in to stabilize the structure so the Fire Marshals could conduct an investigation. Units on scene: DFD Car 2, E3, E-4, E-6, E-7, L2, R1 E54-5 (RIT), Quint 45